Lesson Levels

Don’t know which level? We offer free assessments. Please contact us and we’ll help you place your child.


Minnows – Exploration (No skills)

Learning to be comfortable, float, kick and increase independence in the water. This can take multiple sessions to solidify these skills depending on the child. If your child has limited confidence in water, this is where to start.

Minnow 2 – for children 3-4 years old and eager to participate on their own in water exploration with an instructor. Children must have a willingness to put their face in the water.

Minnow 3 – a water exploration class for children for ages 5-6+ and eager to be on their own in the water with an instructor. Students must have a willingness to put their face in the water.

(Minnow 1, our parent/child class, is no longer offered at Making Waves.)


Sunnies – Development (Beginning Skills)

Sunny 1 – a skill development class for children capable of 15 feet of front and back kicking and arm strokes with their face in the water. Emphasis is on balanced kicking, freestyle development with “rainbow” arms and “paint the ceiling” backstroke.

Sunny 2 – for children who can demonstrate freestyle and backstroke 20 feet with a “boiling water” kick. Freestyle “quick” breaths will be added. A breaststroke arm-pull pattern will be introduced.

Sunny 3 – students entering this class must be able to swim backstroke and rhythmic freestyle with “quick” breaths. Specialized drills in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke are introduced. This is the first lesson in deeper water.


Dolphins – Refinement (Intermediate Skills)

Dolphin 1 – students entering this level can demonstrate efficient backstroke, and freestyle with proper body position and breathing and have basic breaststroke skills.

Dolphin 2 – components of proper breaststroke and proficiency of freestyle and backstroke are required at this level. Advanced freestyle and backstroke drills for balance, reach and rotation will be included.

Dolphin 3 – demonstration of full breaststroke along with freestyle and backstroke swimming with a strong kick, quick breaths and an understanding of drills for balance, rotation and pull pattern are required.


Sharks – Endurance (Advanced Skills)

Swimming the full length of the pool and focusing on efficiency and endurance.

Shark 1 – swimmers entering this level have advanced breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke skills and can swim with endurance. Knowledge of basic butterfly is required.

Shark 2 – focus is on swimming all four strokes at a conditioning level. Drills and skills in all strokes will be integrated with full stroke swimming. Training concepts will be introduced when ready.

Shark Plus – an extended lesson with the last half of each class geared toward helping swimmers transition from swim school into swim club. Training principles and extended swimming sets will be used.


Gators – Progression (Beginner Ages 10+)

Is your child expressing concern that they aren’t as comfortable in the water as their peers? This is the program to help them catch up.

Gator 1 – this level is intended for kids 10+ in age with limited swimming skills. Students should be able to kick in the water and do some elementary freestyle.

Gator 2 – for kids ages 10+ who comfortable in the water, have basic freestyle breathing skills who are ready to gain more comfort and skill sets.